Terms & Conditions

Hours of Service are 10am-5pm Monday to Friday 

As a guideline, if you place your order before 12pm on a week day, it will be ready for collection/dispatch the next working day depending upon the volume of your order and provided it has been paid for in full. Monday orders will be dispatched Tuesday/Wednesday due to the influx over the weekend. 

Thursday orders placed after 12pm will be dispatched on Monday at the Latest depending upon the volume of your order. 

When you place your order, an invoice will be generated. If you would then like to add to this order, it will be treated as a new order which will be dispatched separately due to the way in which our processes work. 

It is your responsibilty to check that the order you have placed. Our picking, packing and dispatch team will send you the items listed on your order. 

All goods supplied by us remain the property of innov8 International Ltd until payment for the goods has been made in full. 

ALL orders are packed under CCTV for our Mutual Protection. 

We are wholesalers and only supply components to traders. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods you have collected/received are not damaged, incorrect or incomplete. Issues must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. 

Components must be checked for quality by customers before being used to make completed products. NPM will not accept any losses caused by not checking components before use which may cause the user further losses. 

If we do not have your item in stock for dispatch, we will send the rest of your order out with an “owing note”, giving an estimated date of when we will dispatch your owing. 

If you would rather us hold your complete order until all of your items are in stock, please let us know. 

Please only order what you require. Components which are sold to traders cannot be returned due to a change of heart/circumstances, although faulty components may be exchanged if reported within 24 hours of receipt. 

3d and 4d digits carry a lifetime warranty with them when applied and used correctly. This warranty will not be honoured if Number Plates are drilled/screwed in, left in the windscreen, or if chemicals such as acids are used on the digits. 

We are also wholesalers of sign making materials as well as number plate making materials. It remains your responsibility to ensure that the materials you use when producing number plates fall in line with  DVLA guidelines. 

We cannot be held responsible for number plate suppliers using sign making materials inappropriately – please ensure that you understand the applicable British Standard. 

Postage rates vary with size and weight. Our minumum postage charge is £4.16 plus VAT, which covers items up to 1kg in weight. The cost for shipping 50x acrylics far greater, as they have a combined weight of approximately 12.5kg 

Collection is possible by proir arranged appointment (10am-5pm Weekdays). Please ensure you have a face mask and observe social distancing when collecting. 

Our staff are there to help you, and will guide you through our policies. We will not tolerate any abuse towards our staff. 

Any assumptions made by customers will be at their own risk – please feel free to clarify any assumptions before ordering. 

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